HOLIDAY 2015 MAKEUP TIPS By Anna Szymanska

By: admin 23 December 2015


Red lips look especially festive during the holiday. A soft berry stain is a must do this season… regardless if you wear lipstick on top. Stains are great because they won't rub off throughout the course the night, like at your favorite holiday party.



Try a touch of silver or gold on the eyelids. For a more intense look, try navy, deep green or purple for smoky eyes. Try layering these hues on top of a grey or black base shadow. And don’t forget, there is no better way to amp up your look as with long, lush lashes!



Rosy cheeks can give the holidays an extra dazzle. This season, go out of your comfort zone and opt for reddish, more rouge tones for your cheeks. Also, cheek colors with a touch of gold pick up natural light beautifully, giving your face that natural, dewy glow.



For concealer, find a shade closest to your skin tone or one shade lighter. Good (natural)   lighting and a magnifying mirror are your best friends when applying both your concealer and foundation. To cover up blemishes and conceal under eye circles, apply concealer by patting it onto your skin, versus rubbing or applying in a circular motion.



Foundation is without a doubt the most anxiety-inducing makeup product. Many women say that finding their color match is their number one issue, while others have a problem applying foundation correctly.

To choose your perfect color match:

  • Test the foundation on your jaw line or on check in daylight and preferably use a magnifying mirror. The foundation tone is correct if it disappears on your skin without needing to blend it in. You can ask for samples at your favorite cosmetic store and try it at home.


  • Prepare your skin beforehand. Make sure to moisturize your skin with a day cream and wait for 10 min before applying foundation. Primer is also a great tool as it minimizes pores, smoothes the skin, and mattifies your face for a fresh and balanced look.


  • Use the right tools. Professional makeup artists love to use beauty blenders, sponges, foundation brushes or even the tips of their fingers to avoid the “jaw line mark” (where your foundation finishes and your natural skin starts).


  • Finish your foundation look using a luminous or matte loose powder. Luminous powders are great because they have light reflecting particles that make your skin look polished and glowing.


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